Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Life is a journey that brings with it many ups and downs. We are constantly confronted with the need to be flexible and accept change. Sometimes the changes that occur are planned, like moving, deciding to start a family, graduating from college or graduate school, or changing careers. When change takes you by surprise, it can bring along with it feelings of fear, loss and a need to tighten up or become more controlled.
All of us have had moments in our lives that were anxiety-ridden and others that left us feeling low. Anxiety, shame and guilt are all ways your body talks to you, sending signals so that you are aware of something not feeling right. When these feelings become a regular part of your day-to-day life it can be very difficult to figure out what will help stop the cycle, and equally as hard to reach out and seek help.

Learning about your core emotions and how to connect to them, feel them and express them is one way to lessen the intensity of anxiety and depression. As humans, we are all wired the same way, born with the same core emotions. Throughout our childhood and the influences of our families and society, we learn to cut off from some of our core emotions, and are left with feelings of overwhelming anxiety or depression, without knowing why or what else we are feeling.
Reaching out for help, becoming curious about yourself and finding hope by educating yourself about your emotions can be the start of your journey back to yourself and the life you want to lead. It is important to understand that we are relational beings and seek connection, and in isolation we wither and lose strength. Together, we can begin the work to make connections to your core emotions that were cut off long ago, feeling them and in turn healing.

Counseling and psychotherapy provide a comfortable and safe space that can help you take the first steps in taking care of yourself. With time, understanding and trust, you can once again find hope and take steps to live your life more fully.

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