Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Life is a journey that brings with it many ups and downs. We are constantly confronted with the need to be flexible and accept change. Sometimes the changes that occur are planned, like moving, deciding to start a family, graduating from college or graduate school, or changing careers. When change takes you by surprise, it can…

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are you questioning your sexuality?

While some of us know about our same-sex attraction from our earliest childhood sexual stirrings, many women do not find they are open to these feelings until they enter their mid-twenties or early thirties, and some even later than that. This can leave women in an awkward position, feeling like a “late-bloomer” in their sexuality…

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female identity and sexuality

How has our society, by asking women to be quiet and good, shaped our identity and sexuality? How do you define your female identity? How does your sexuality connect to your identity?  Are you concerned about how others see you? What parts of yourself are you losing by being who others want you to be?…

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Are you moving in together?

The idea of attending couples counseling is intimidating for most people. The mere mention of couples ‘working on their relationship’ may give you an uneasy sensation, a feeling that something is wrong, or that the relationship is struggling in some way. In fact, attending counseling sessions before moving-in together or preparing to get married may…

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women's sexuality, coming out, questioning sexual orientation, married to a man but in love with woman

are you married to a man but in love with a woman?

Waking up to your sexuality and attraction to women while in a heterosexual marriage, possibly with children, can be one of the most confusing and conflict filled times in one’s life.  As women, we are socialized from our earliest developmental stages to follow our cultural norms. We absorb what is expected of us, or what…

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