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Your partner isn’t a mind reader.

Do you feel frustrated when you share things about your day with your partner? Do you wish they would stop trying to fix or problem solve, and instead listen and show support? Have you stopped sharing because you know you won’t get what you need? Couples become distressed when they approach one another to share…

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Are you ready to stop living by “shoulds”?

Do any of these statements sound like something you would say or think? I “should” be more accomplished by this point in my life. I “shouldn’t” be resting and reading this weekend, I “should” be out and social. He “should” know how I feel. She “should” know how I feel. We “should” be spending all…

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a ‘two-sided’ affair?

  The discovery of an affair is one of the most painful and damaging experiences for a monogamous couple. When the affair is revealed, the betrayed partner is left to sit with a slew of debilitating and upsetting feelings. 

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if love wasn’t blind…

“I finally met the love of my life!” Such joy is expressed in the proclamation of love. Whether the joy is ours, or the excitement belongs to a friend or relative, we come together to rejoice in love, and questions abound about this new and mysterious person.

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