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a ‘two-sided’ affair?

  The discovery of an affair is one of the most painful and damaging experiences for a monogamous couple. When the affair is revealed, the betrayed partner is left to sit with a slew of debilitating and upsetting feelings. 

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if love wasn’t blind…

“I finally met the love of my life!” Such joy is expressed in the proclamation of love. Whether the joy is ours, or the excitement belongs to a friend or relative, we come together to rejoice in love, and questions abound about this new and mysterious person.

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Are you moving in together?

The idea of attending couples counseling is intimidating for most people. The mere mention of couples ‘working on their relationship’ may give you an uneasy sensation, a feeling that something is wrong, or that the relationship is struggling in some way. In fact, attending counseling sessions before moving-in together or preparing to get married may…

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i say ‘growing pains’ and you say…

What comes to mind when you read the term ‘growing pains’? Do images of youth appear in your mind? The days of making mistakes, suffering the consequences and then learning what not to do, both inside and outside of the home? Maybe you were not easily accepted by peers and had no one to talk…

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