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are you coming out in mid-life?

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Exploring your sexuality in mid-life takes resolution and fortitude. It may seem as if the “normal” time for you to develop your sexual identity has long passed. As adults, we don’t give ourselves much space for experimentation and questioning around our sexual identity.

While our culture is ever-evolving, it remains one that has been burdened with negativity toward homosexuality.

Most likely, our family of origin did not provide an environment of open exploration and curiosity about our sexual desires. Our families serve as a vehicle to learn about societal norms and values, thus leaving us with the message that developing into anything other than the normal heterosexual female would be frowned upon and unaccepted.

For those of us who may have grown up in families that were more open around sexuality, where the message was that our parents would always love and accept us no matter who we chose to love and partner with, peer pressure may have put the damper on our ability to explore ourselves more fully.

During adolescence when our sexual interests begin to flourish, we seek acceptance through sameness. The pull to be accepted by ones peers may keep us from pursuing our deeper desires at this time of development.  Our eagerness to be one of the gang may have closed down any feelings and attractions to the same sex.

Are you struggling with whether or not you have the right to explore and assert your genuine sexuality? Would you like to:

Talk to someone that could help you to understand your feelings?
Be part of a group of others who are experiencing similar feelings?
Be connected to all parts of yourself?
Feel like you are making conscious choices in your life?
Feel grounded in who you are as opposed to disconnected from loved ones around you?
Talk about your feelings of homophobia?
Accept all of yourself?

Our work together can help you…