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Curious, Questioning, And Coming Out

Society has a stronghold on the ideas and beliefs we have about where we should be in our lives as women by the time we reach our early twenties. Most women believe they should already have or be planning a family, and certainly that they should know themselves as sexual beings.

What happens when you have listened to society, followed the path that you thought was the only path, and upon seeing a lesbian couple walking hand in hand down the street, find yourself feeling a deep pang of loss inside of you that you had no idea existed?  What does that pang even mean? Or what if you unexpectedly find yourself experiencing feelings for a woman that go beyond friendship? How can this be possible?

Curious, Questioning and Coming Out is a therapeutic support group for women that are exploring all that they had once believed about their sexuality. In a safe and confidential space, you will learn to explore yourself more fully and share the authentic feelings that come up around the ideas and beliefs you have held onto, while you navigate what these feelings mean to you and how to integrate this newfound awareness into your life.

This group is for women coming out of marriage, heterosexual relationships or women who are looking for a supportive environment where they can feel safe discussing their feelings around their sexuality.

This group is in development and coming soon! Please contact me if you are interested.


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