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Embrace Change

If there is one thing we can depend on during our lifetime, it's change.

As we move through our lives, the conflicts we encounter at each stage of our development require us to constantly negotiate change. How we manage ourselves through these stages in life depends on our genetic make up, the environment we grew up in, and our life experiences. Depending on each individual’s unique experience, we can either master these stages with relative ease or feel hindered in our growth and acceptance of the constancy of change, creating places where we repeatedly get stuck.

With each of our life transitions, we need to let go of something to gain something. This “stretching” of oneself can bring up many feelings and can interfere in intimate relationships, our family dynamics, our view of our self and our outlook on life. While the transitions in our lives are opportunities to grow, it is common to feel the desire to hold on for dear life to what we know.

Our families of origin teach us a great deal about how to communicate when we feel vulnerable. As children we absorb what we feel, sense, and hear. We may have learned some of our most valuable life lessons this way and also some of the most painful. The good news is, our growth continues into our adult life and then into old age. After all, we are ever changing, just like our lives.

  • How do you manage your emotions around change?
  • Do you openly share your feelings with your loved ones?
  • Are you open to sharing your struggles, and willing to listen to your partner's struggles, or do you feel it's a sign of weakness?
  • Are you open to change within yourself?

All of these areas can be explored in our work together.

Loss is naturally present around transition and change. Let’s explore your belief system, the feelings it brings up, how well it resonates with who you are today, and how to develop the story and beliefs that match your true inner voice. We can hold both the loss of what you have known that no longer works for you, and the possibility of what you will gain with your acceptance of change.

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