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are you questioning your sexuality?

While some of us know about our same-sex attraction from our earliest childhood sexual stirrings, many women do not find they are open to these feelings until they enter their mid-twenties or early thirties, and some even later than that.

This can leave women in an awkward position, feeling like a “late-bloomer” in their sexuality and unschooled in the lesbian culture and dating scene.

Do you wonder how you can start to date women, but find yourself feeling closed out of the lesbian community because you have never been in a relationship with a woman?
Do your past choices to date men feel like a barrier to moving forward with your interest in dating women?
Do fears about what family and friends may say stop you from pursuing your interest?

As we find ourselves in this predicament, unpleasant feelings from adolescence can show up. We may feel embarrassed, clumsy, and inept in an area we had thought we already mastered. These feelings can bring up self-doubt, questions about your confidence and weaken your resolve to explore new parts of yourself.

You can you use these cumbersome feelings as an invitation to become curious about yourself. Through counseling, I can support you through a second sexual adolescence and help you process, work through, and nurture all the feelings that come up with it.

This can be a new journey for you, where trusting your intuition and desire for sexual truth and identity can lead to a shift in your life that brings balance, connection, comfort in your body and a sense of grounding you may not have thought possible.