Find Your Voice

You're tired of pretending be someone you're not. agree when you don't agree. be smaller or quieter than you really are.

You're ready to find your real voice, even if others might not be ready to hear it.

Sharing your feelings, and speaking your truth are both ways of being true to yourself. When you can stick to this focus of sharing as self-caring, it puts sharing into a safer spectrum.

Are you explicit about what it is you need or are looking for when you share your feelings? Do you get caught in the familiar implicit trap of assumption and expectation, which can often lead to disappointment, anger and shutting down?

Instead of repeating the pattern of expectation, sharing, disappointment and then shutting down, we will pave the way for you to share your truth with the expectation or outcome of sharing as self-caring, being true to yourself and ending the painful cycle that keeps you hidden from yourself and others.

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