Group Therapy
in NYC

Unlike the two-person relationship between the client and the therapist, group therapy offers many relationships and a sense of community as it assists the individual in growth and problem-solving.

In group therapy, members are encouraged to discuss the issues that brought them into therapy openly and honestly. I create an atmosphere of trust, safety, and acceptance that encourages members to support one another. Containing boundaries are set at the beginning to maintain a sense of consistency and safety, such as maintaining confidentiality of group discussions.

My main focus is to facilitate the group process and guide members in self-discovery. Sessions may be structured or fluid, as I maintain a middle course providing direction as needed.

Group Details:

All group participants must either 1) engage in weekly therapy with your own private therapist and schedule an individual session with me once per month to check in or 2) engage in weekly therapy with me.

To maintain consistency with the group, sessions must be paid for even if you are unable to attend a session.

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