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Therapy for Relationships

You and your partner

...each feel alone in your relationship.
...are frustrated and feel like you can’t get through to one another.
...end up with the same painful feelings regardless of what you are arguing about.
...feel terribly misunderstood and blame each other.

It’s normal to feel confused and scared about your relationship when any of these dynamics are at hand. The good news is I can help you.

All couples get caught in negative cycles that are hard to change. These cycles are made up of feelings and beliefs that each of you have about yourself and about your partner. These feelings and beliefs are connected to actions or behaviors that over time become deeply rooted in your communication cycle. The more deeply rooted they become, the more you feel stuck, unheard, misunderstood, unappreciated, and maybe even unloved and unlovable. This is a very hard place to be.

I work with couples using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). We will slow down and expose the cycle that is getting in the way of your deeper connection. In our work together, you will learn more about yourself and your partner and demystify what is getting in the way of your closeness. This will create space for you to share your vulnerabilities in a new and safe way, changing the cycle to one of mutual understanding and secure attachment.

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