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Sexuality Counseling

Are you bumping up against a place inside of you that you are trying not to notice? Maybe you were certain you knew all there was to know about your sexuality, when you started to notice new feelings and desires you never had before.

You aren’t alone.

So much of how we define ourselves comes from what we learned was acceptable growing up in our families, the influence of our culture and religiosity, and the experiences we had once we ventured out into the world.

Redefining your sexuality can be confusing and scary. It isn’t uncommon to feel frightened to consider new possibilities, or if you are unwilling to, to feel depressed or a heightened sense of anxiety.

As you consider becoming more attuned to your sexual self, it may be helpful to know that recent research has presented the concept of sexual fluidity, meaning that sexual attractions, behaviors and identity are more open-ended then once believed.

Sexuality Counseling can help you see the choices you have in life, and open up the possibility of letting go of some old beliefs, while inviting in new ones. We will work at your pace, and create space for you to begin to integrate these new beliefs into your “authentically you” identity. I will guide you and together we can take this journey.

Counseling in nyc for women struggling with their sexuality and identity, questioning sexuality, coming out.