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Ready to stop fearing change?

The truth is, change is the one constant in life. I help people transform fear and embrace change so they can create authentic lives that honor the messy and the wonderful.

Embrace Change

If there is one thing we can depend on during our lifetime, it‘s change.

As we move through our lives, the conflicts we encounter at each stage of our development require us to constantly negotiate change. How we manage ourselves through these stages in life depends on our genetic make up, the environment we grew up in, and our life experiences. Depending on each individual’s unique experience, we can either master these stages with relative ease or feel hindered in our growth and acceptance of the constancy of change, creating places where we repeatedly get stuck.

Therapy for Relationships

Are you and your partner stuck in a cycle of assumptions, expectations and disappointments that bring up the same feelings whether you are talking about daily chores or larger life decisions?  Are your expectations based on your deep needs and desires or what you have learned partnerships are “supposed to be” like?

Together, we will come to understand the meaning behind your intense feelings and make changes that move you and your partner closer together as opposed to further apart.

Sexuality Counseling

Are you bumping up against a place inside of you that you aren’t sure what to do with? Were you certain you knew all there was to know about your sexuality when you started to notice new feelings and desires you’ve never had before? You aren’t alone.

Redefining your sexuality can be confusing and scary. It isn’t uncommon to feel frightened to consider new possibilities, or if you are unwilling to, to feel depressed or a heightened sense of anxiety.

Find Your Voice

You're tired of pretending be someone you're not. agree when you don't agree. be smaller or quieter than you really are.

You're ready to find your real voice, even if others might not be ready to hear it.

Sharing your feelings and speaking your truth are essential if you want to be true to yourself. When you can stick to this focus of sharing as self-caring, it puts sharing into a safer spectrum.